UNC Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

The UNC Student Chapter of the AMS exists as an essential extension of curriculum, providing undergraduate students with opportunities for professional development through scholarship, service, and camaraderie.
Become a student member of the AMS here, and check out the AMS Career Center.
This local chapter is also organized under UNC Clubs & Organizations.

News and Events

Join our Listserv

Announcements regarding meetings, scholarships, internships, and other news items of interest for UNC meteorology students are sent via our listserv.

To subscribe, send a email with no subject to listserv@listserv.unco.edu containing the text "subscribe AMS".

It is expected that all active UNC meteorology students subscribe.


Current Leadership

President Becky Elliott
Vice President Dan Stechman
Secretary Jessica Jacobsen
Treasurer Brian Popick
Underclassman at Large Hannah Huelsing
Faculty Advisor Dr. Gary Huffines

Personalized Weather Forecasts

If you would like a customized personal weather forecast at any time during the academic year, send your request via email to weather@unco.edu indicating the location, date and time, route if traveling, and any other specific weather concerns. Our students usually provide a response within 24 hours. Specific forecasts can be issued for about a week in advance of your event, and climatological conditions can be provided for longer time frames.

Note that our students also prepare the Daily Weathercast and are developing a plan to provide forecasts to UNC student radio.

Travel to the Annual Meeting of the AMS

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Samples of our Activities

  • Storm chasing
  • Science BBQ
  • End-of-year BBQ
  • Annual meeting of the National AMS
  • Visits to 9 News and Channel 7 News
  • Trips to NCAR, NOAA, and NWS Cheyenne
  • Tours of Skyfire, The Water Office, and CU Boulder’s Mountain Research Station


  • Mike Nelson—Chief Meteorologist, Channel 7 News
  • John Gordon—MIC with The National Weather Service, Hurricane Expertise
  • Nolan Doesken—Colorado’s Climatologist, Hail Research
  • Walt Lyons—Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Forerunner in Lightning Research
  • Steve Rutledge—Dean of Graduate Students at CSU’s School of Atmospheric Science

Social activities:

  • Bowling—Every Wednesday @ 7 pm
  • Potluck Movie Night
  • Sporting Events—Avalanche, Nuggets, UNC Hockey games
  • Hanging out in the Meteorology Lab
  • Poker Night

Other things to consider:

  • T-Shirts & Bumper Stickers
  • Guess-casting
  • Tornado Model
  • Club Partnerships
  • Underclassmen Tutoring Programs
  • AMS Bulletin Board in hallway
  • Raffle Participation
  • More involvement in the national chapter


  • Weather calendars
  • Other ideas?

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